Summertime… seeing the Lord provide

Well our summer is halfway over. There are 2 more weeks until all the teachers are expected to be back at school for orientation and training. Luke has 3 more weeks left of summer break and John has been working on and off (waiting on village chief and Cambodian Ministries) all summer long.

I have to admit, at the beginning of our summer break, part of me was dreading it because we were not going to the States for a visit, our friends/neighbors were permanently returning to the States, there was no summer school and John/Luke’s health insurance bill was due.

John and I had planned 2 mini getaways this summer (which we had a great time in both locations), but overall I wasn’t looking forward to the break. I truly enjoy being at Logos, working with the kiddos, serving alongside fellow Christian teachers and the parents are so gracious. So the thought of being away from school for 7 weeks did NOT sound good. Well, the Lord knew what I needed. He provides. He continues to work even though it isn’t exactly what we had in mind.

Our close friends, the Moon family, who lived across the street from us moved in the middle of June to return to the States. Luke LOVES their boys and played with them everyday. I enjoyed walking across the street to talk and share food with each other. The Lord provides. One week later, the McCulloughs came back to Cambodia and moved into the Moon’s old house. Luke misses the Moon family, but has enjoyed playing with the McCullough girls everyday.

The Lord has also brought sweet times of fellowship with different families who stayed here this summer by having play dates at our house, having dinner at friend’s houses, going swimming at Dyvith hotel, potluck lunches, going to the Logos library, playing baseball on the Logos soccer field, etc. The Lord has provided opportunities to be in community with different families this summer.

Then about a week ago, we received a text message saying that one of churches who prays for us was sending us money to pay for John and Luke’s health insurance and some of our Sending Team from 121 also gave money for their health insurance. The Lord provides!

So just when I thought this summer was going to be hard because we weren’t going back to the States, we were going to be lonely and stuck at the house all summer, the Lord has provided!



Kam-Air Update

Hey gang, John here.  I wanted to give you all an update on Kam-Air.

To catch everyone up, we have been without a location since November 2016.  Our entire wakeboard machine and equipment was packed up and moved into a storage facility.  We have been looking in and around Phnom Penh since that time for a quality lake at a reasonable price.  We have finally found it!

I can’t yet share more details about the location, but we have a long term contract in place with clean water, fresh air, and more land than we had before.  Over the next few months, Thy, Tha and I will be working to prepare the location to reopen.  With this new location, comes additional expenses.  If you are interested in a tax deductible donation to Kam-Air, click here.

On a personal note, I have finally upgraded my moto to a clutch bike.  Bye bye Vespa, hello Honda FTR.


Hot season has arrived….

Gosh, I didn’t realize we haven’t written since December. Where has the time gone?

Well, hot season has officially arrived in Cambodia and the mangoes are ready for harvest. John has been eating them like crazy! He absolutely loves them. Luke doesn’t like them at all and I could take them or leave them. But yes, hot season has officially come. You step outside the air-conditioned classroom or room into a sauna. When you come back in, you realize you need another shower! But then again, everyone is in the same sweaty boat, so you just deal with the damp shirt and sweaty armpits until bedtime.

Through all the heat, there are still times where we feel the cool “breeze” of God. Luke’s behavior and choices continue to improve at home and at school. Kam-Air has found a new location for the wakepark they are considering and looks promising. I am seeing fruits of my labor when a fellow co-teacher tells me stories of students I had last year who are continuing to ask questions about what it means to follow Christ while living with a Buddhist family.

At Logos this week, it was Teacher Appreciation Week. Jen Sain did an amazing job organizing and setting up something wonderful for everyday this week to make sure the teachers and staff at Logos felt appreciated. She worked hard and everyday was wonderful. One of the best things from this week was receiving letters and cards from some of my current students. The things they say and notice about me in class make me smile. One of my students brought me a fancy Chinese type fan because she said I was always hot. A lot of students brought chocolate (which isn’t cheap here) and goodies to eat! They know me oh so well!!!!

Earlier this week, we also had the awesome privilege to meet our new CEO, VP and the VP’s wife. They came out to Cambodia to visit and meet the staff of Asian Hope. The CEO shared his vision and encouraged us. It was great to meet him and am excited to see what happens with Asian Hope in the future.

During these hot, humid times, the Lord reminds us He is good and faithful. The work of our hands doesn’t go in vain. The Lord brings along people, events, situations to bring that cool “breeze” and refresh us for the next things in our life. Thanks be to God!


Much Needed Time

Have you ever hear the saying, “You don’t know much you need something until you have it…”? I think that’s how I have felt these past two weeks. Mom and dad arrived from Texas a couple of weeks ago and ever since then we have had a lot of time together. They come visit a couple times a year, but I always forget how much I treasure the time we are together until they get here. As their time is winding down, I would like to reflect on the time we have had together through photos!

The first full week they were here, we traveled about 6 hours to the providence of Mondulkiri. We stayed in wood cabins and cooked most of our meals on a propane stove we borrowed from a colleague at school. We were able to see some amazing things, do some amazing things and just be together.


Bousra Waterfall in Mondulkiri


Feeding the elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary in Mondulkiri

Feeding the elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary in Mondulkiri


John and Luke were able to "swim" with the elephants :)

John and Luke were able to “swim” with the elephants 🙂


When we came back, we have just been hanging out together and doing things at our house and around town.



Mom loves to decorate Ninjabread cookies and is so good at it!



Mom and I at Starbucks while the boys went to see Rogue One for the second time 🙂



The guys building Legos in our living room.



We treated our tuk-tuk driver and househelper out to dinner for Christmas!


I have truly enjoyed our time together this holiday season! School starts again on the 4th and I am starting again with a full heart 🙂


October Update

Flooding.  Wow, it’s been extremely rainy the past few weeks.  Almost every day in the afternoon it starts raining and doesn’t stop until well into the night.  The streets in front of our house and around our neighborhood have been flooded the past several days.  Luckily, we have a truck to get around in when needed.   Normally Ashley drives the truck to school each day and I drive the moto.  I got caught out in the rain a few times, but I have a heavy rain parka for that. Continue reading

Back in the Saddle

Well, we are “back in the saddle again”. It’s nice to be home. Routines and schedules are back in place and things seem to be settling down. Luke and I are starting our 3rd week of school tomorrow and John has been back at work for 3 weeks now. Luke is back to staying in his room all night, after a couple of days of consequences for getting out of his room for kisses or hugs in the middle of the night… I guess he forgot we do that all BEFORE bedtime 😉 John is back to driving his moto to and from work each day. I am back to fighting off a cold virus one of the kids brought to school this week… Everything is back to normal!

This summer was good for all three of us. We ate WAY too much food, went to all of our favorite play places and spend time family and friends. By the 7th week, we were all ready to get back to Cambodia but thankful for our time in Texas this summer.

As we are getting back in the swing of things, here are a couple of things you guys can pray for. For John, you can pray for discernment and wise decision making regarding a new location for Kam-Air Wakepark. For Luke, please pray for his attitude to be respectful and sensitive to others around him. He tends to not think before he speaks, which in turn hurts others. For me, pray for my 26 students this year. Pray for them to work together as a team and to treat others the way they want to be treated. Pray I can lead them and train them in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6)

We are glad to be back. We can’t wait to share with you awesome stories of what God is doing here in Cambodia!


Furlough thoughts

Our time in America is coming to an end.  We will be leaving Friday morning and heading back to Cambodia for another two years.  For the past seven weeks we have done so much.  We acted like tourists and visited all the theme parks, museums and zoos in the surrounding area.  We ate amazing food and way too much of it.  We also got to meet with family and friends.

As I reflect on our time here, I realize the number of things I am so grateful for here in Texas, but also grateful for the things we have in Cambodia.

Food – I love having dozens of selections of all my favorite foods including BBQ, burgers and Mexican food. But the price shock was considerable just in the past two years since we have been here.  On the other hand, we have learned to love the food in Cambodia, and my lunch costs $1.50 per day.  Try to find a full meal including drink in Texas for the same.

Air Conditioning – It’s everywhere; in all the rooms of your house, in your car while you drive and in every building you enter.  But on the other hand, I have somewhat gotten used to being in the heat.  I was able to go golfing with three guys a few weeks ago at about 2:30pm in the afternoon.  The temperature was about 95 with a heat index of 101.  This is a typical temperature for Cambodia and while it was hot, I did not have the same level of heat exhaustion typically associated with spending 4 hours outside.  My normal “9-5” is outside without air conditioning, so I am “maybe” getting acclimated to the heat.  Who knows…

Driving – New completed toll roads, entrances and exits and all different forms of construction.  People stay in their own lanes and drive at a considerable rate of speed.  For the first few days driving 70mph down the highway felt like flying.  A typical highway drive in Cambodia is about 45mph for short intervals until you hit the next town or run up behind a slow moving truck or moto.  But driving here was orderly.  Although it was orderly, we actually had to stop at red lights even though no one was coming.  We also had to watch for pedestrians and faster moving vehicles.

Shopping – Walking down the chip or cereal aisle in Wal-Mart is an amazing thing.  I can choose from 200 different types of chips or cereal.  Back in Cambodia, my selection of “western” chips or cereal is limited to six flavors, maybe ten of Pringles.  But we have learned to adapt and find all the things we need.  Buc-ee’s!  Wow, that place is cool.

All Forms of Generosity – the use of vehicles, staying in parent’s houses, donated wakeboard gear, visiting/hanging out at ShredTown, lunches and dinners with friends and family, an AMAZING garage sale,  time volunteered, monetary donations, prayer

All in all, it was a wonderful summer. Thankful for our time here in America but am looking forward to the next two years in Cambodia. Thank you guys!