A Fresh Start

It’s time to start a new chapter in Cambodia.  I (John) have signed on as the “financial consultant” with Hard Places Community (HPC).  To learn more about HPC and the specific group I will be working with, Punlok Thmey Men, click the link.  Financial consultant is a big title kind of like “Chief Financial Officer” at Kam-Air.  Titles are not everything.  My new job will be to help the group start a business as mission restaurant in the Russian Market area.  I will handle accounting, finance, and also mentor one of the full-time Khmer employees who has a degree in accounting.  My goal for him will be to take over my job in the not too distant future.  HPC took possession of the location in early December and then began renovations.  Things are proceeding on schedule for a late February or early March opening.

Also in Cambodia, it’s like 65 degrees outside.  What?  The in-laws arrived about a week ago for Christmas.  I think they brought the cool temperatures with them.  It’s been downright gorgeous outside.  The Last Jedi arrived in theaters this past weekend and we have seen it a total of three times already.  3D is big here in the “Bode” so it’s difficult to find it in 2D the way God intended movies to be watched.  We finally broke down and went to the one movie theater on the opposite side of town and paid three times the normal ticket price to watch it in 2D.  We were not disappointed.  I am not a movie critic nor that elegant with words, so read this for a solid take on it.

Merry Christmas from the Phifers!


6 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. Merry Christmas to you too! Hope you have fun with Vince & Sharon!! Still hear so many wonderful stories of your parent’s visit with you guys! Stay safe & have a blessed New Year!!🌲🌲🌲

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