Please pray for us and many others…

Good evening,

Please pray for us and the people in our area with no electricity. It went out Sunday morning for a couple hours and then was off and on all day. Then it was consistently on from 3am-7am Monday morning, then has been off ever since. Many of you reading this know what that feels like because of the hurricanes and severe weather the States has been experiencing this year. Looking at my sweet students trying to learn while sweat is trickling down their faces reminds me how the Lord asks us to do things that are hard as well. During these time, we strap on good attitudes and gracious hearts, but it’s still hard.

Please pray for our family, and many others, as we persevere through these next several days without power. They say wires at the power plant caught on fire and will take several days to fix. We are thankful for our small generator at our house and at school to run fans during the day and at night. But man… it’s hot…


The Phifers


One thought on “Please pray for us and many others…

  1. I’m sooo sorry to hear about this! I can’t begin to imagine – heat and humidity affect me so badly – and I’ve only experienced Texas heat. I’m praying for speedy repairs, and miraculous tolerance as you wait.

    Love, Gram >

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