Christmas is upon us

In the US, the weather is getting cooler, the leaves are turning colors and shops and homes are being decorated for Christmas.  As a Christian, we understand the reason for the season and although not all people that own the shops and homes are Christians, they might have heard the gospel at sometime in their life.

Contrast this with Cambodia; the weather is the same as usual, the leaves are the same as usual, but shops and homes are being decorated for Christmas.  What I truly find interesting is seeing businesses such as KTV’s (karaoke bars and fronts for prostitution) with Christmas trees and Christmas lights all over them.  People seem to enjoy decorating for Christmas and even wearing a Santa costume, but they don’t truly under the reason for the season.  Please join us this Christmas season in praying for the Cambodian people to hear and understand the real reason to celebrate Christmas.

Regarding our family, Ashley recently returned from a professional conference in Malaysia.  Luke is learning long division and keeping his mother on her toes in the classroom.  I am two weeks into my new job with Agape International Missions.  My title is Special Projects Coordinator, but really it’s a catch all for big ideas or jobs that don’t seem to fit in any category.  I think of the role like a baseball utility player.  The team from 121 recently returned back to Texas after about two weeks in country.  It was great to meet new people from the team and some veterans.

On a more personal note, many of you like to make end of the year contributions and give “Christmas donations” to charity… would you consider making a donation to us through our financial organization IOM? The donations are tax-deductible and can be made online or through a check in the mail using the address on their website.

The Phifer Trio (John)


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