Hard being away during times like these….

A few weeks ago we received a message that John’s grandmother had been put on hospice. She started refusing food and liquids. John’s parents didn’t know when she would pass. A few days later, she left this world to be with Jesus. Receiving messages like this one while living overseas are hard. Hearing a friend’s mother died and you weren’t there to go to the funeral, someone had a baby and you can’t hold the little one, you can’t be there to take a meal to someone who is sick… times like these make it hard to be away.

During this time, it is easy for me to sit around and mope about not being in the States. Then the Lord gently reminds me of other people around me who may also be hurting. People who are lonely or sadden by a loss. When we allow the Lord to open our eyes, we can truly “see” people. Have you opened your eyes lately? I need to have mine opened more often.



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