Summertime… seeing the Lord provide

Well our summer is halfway over. There are 2 more weeks until all the teachers are expected to be back at school for orientation and training. Luke has 3 more weeks left of summer break and John has been working on and off (waiting on village chief and Cambodian Ministries) all summer long.

I have to admit, at the beginning of our summer break, part of me was dreading it because we were not going to the States for a visit, our friends/neighbors were permanently returning to the States, there was no summer school and John/Luke’s health insurance bill was due.

John and I had planned 2 mini getaways this summer (which we had a great time in both locations), but overall I wasn’t looking forward to the break. I truly enjoy being at Logos, working with the kiddos, serving alongside fellow Christian teachers and the parents are so gracious. So the thought of being away from school for 7 weeks did NOT sound good. Well, the Lord knew what I needed. He provides. He continues to work even though it isn’t exactly what we had in mind.

Our close friends, the Moon family, who lived across the street from us moved in the middle of June to return to the States. Luke LOVES their boys and played with them everyday. I enjoyed walking across the street to talk and share food with each other. The Lord provides. One week later, the McCulloughs came back to Cambodia and moved into the Moon’s old house. Luke misses the Moon family, but has enjoyed playing with the McCullough girls everyday.

The Lord has also brought sweet times of fellowship with different families who stayed here this summer by having play dates at our house, having dinner at friend’s houses, going swimming at Dyvith hotel, potluck lunches, going to the Logos library, playing baseball on the Logos soccer field, etc. The Lord has provided opportunities to be in community with different families this summer.

Then about a week ago, we received a text message saying that one of churches who prays for us was sending us money to pay for John and Luke’s health insurance and some of our Sending Team from 121 also gave money for their health insurance. The Lord provides!

So just when I thought this summer was going to be hard because we weren’t going back to the States, we were going to be lonely and stuck at the house all summer, the Lord has provided!




4 thoughts on “Summertime… seeing the Lord provide

  1. Sounds like a good summer after all. I know you would like to come home for a visit, but God obviously has other plans. I remember those days of being overseas so well; away from family & friends; but we made it for many years & it sounds like you are really doing well!! Cora

  2. This is wonderful news! Praise God! Thanks for sharing! We just got back from vacation to Kansas on Friday, so this is the first time I could really sit down and look at my emails! We pray for you and your family every day! Many blessings to you! Love, Lynn


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