Sometimes you just have to go with the flow…

In a world that is constantly changing, sometimes you just have to “go with the flow”. COVID has definitely changed our little world and the country we live in. Luke and I haven’t been in school full-time since March 2020 and have been learning/teaching online since the beginning of this 2021-2022 school year. John started a new position at an international Christian school near our house.

What we have been reminded of through this time…

John and I were able to get vaccinated with a vaccine from the US a couple of weeks ago, which was a huge praise and took a lot of patience. The Lord gives peace.

The government was requiring a two week mandatory hotel quarantine and $2,000 deposit when coming into the country. This past week, the government lifted the two week quarantine to just a one week hotel quarantine. The Lord is just.

Luke is learning online from teachers in Cambodia, one who was in Scotland and one who is still in Canada and Luke is thriving! The Lord gives endurance and perseverance.

Last week, the government started requiring people to show their vaccination cards when entering businesses (this includes grocery stores) and has encouraged unvaccinated and sick people to stay home. The Lord knows the future.

Through this ever-changing season, the Lord has given us peace, has been just, has given endurance and perseverance and He knows the future. This is an ever-changing journey we are on and we know who is along side of us!



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