Kam-Air Update

Hey gang, John here.  I wanted to give you all an update on Kam-Air.

To catch everyone up, we have been without a location since November 2016.  Our entire wakeboard machine and equipment was packed up and moved into a storage facility.  We have been looking in and around Phnom Penh since that time for a quality lake at a reasonable price.  We have finally found it!

I can’t yet share more details about the location, but we have a long term contract in place with clean water, fresh air, and more land than we had before.  Over the next few months, Thy, Tha and I will be working to prepare the location to reopen.  With this new location, comes additional expenses.  If you are interested in a tax deductible donation to Kam-Air, click here.

On a personal note, I have finally upgraded my moto to a clutch bike.  Bye bye Vespa, hello Honda FTR.



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