Hot season has arrived….

Gosh, I didn’t realize we haven’t written since December. Where has the time gone?

Well, hot season has officially arrived in Cambodia and the mangoes are ready for harvest. John has been eating them like crazy! He absolutely loves them. Luke doesn’t like them at all and I could take them or leave them. But yes, hot season has officially come. You step outside the air-conditioned classroom or room into a sauna. When you come back in, you realize you need another shower! But then again, everyone is in the same sweaty boat, so you just deal with the damp shirt and sweaty armpits until bedtime.

Through all the heat, there are still times where we feel the cool “breeze” of God. Luke’s behavior and choices continue to improve at home and at school. Kam-Air has found a new location for the wakepark they are considering and looks promising. I am seeing fruits of my labor when a fellow co-teacher tells me stories of students I had last year who are continuing to ask questions about what it means to follow Christ while living with a Buddhist family.

At Logos this week, it was Teacher Appreciation Week. Jen Sain did an amazing job organizing and setting up something wonderful for everyday this week to make sure the teachers and staff at Logos felt appreciated. She worked hard and everyday was wonderful. One of the best things from this week was receiving letters and cards from some of my current students. The things they say and notice about me in class make me smile. One of my students brought me a fancy Chinese type fan because she said I was always hot. A lot of students brought chocolate (which isn’t cheap here) and goodies to eat! They know me oh so well!!!!

Earlier this week, we also had the awesome privilege to meet our new CEO, VP and the VP’s wife. They came out to Cambodia to visit and meet the staff of Asian Hope. The CEO shared his vision and encouraged us. It was great to meet him and am excited to see what happens with Asian Hope in the future.

During these hot, humid times, the Lord reminds us He is good and faithful. The work of our hands doesn’t go in vain. The Lord brings along people, events, situations to bring that cool “breeze” and refresh us for the next things in our life. Thanks be to God!



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