Well, it’s about that time!

Well looking at the calendar, we have about 19 days before we depart for furlough in Texas for June and July. We are filled with mixed emotions… excitement, nervousness, anticipation, tiredness, happiness, just to list a few 😉

Our hope is to re-charge and renew ourselves for two more years of serving God in Cambodia. We want to do this by spending time with family and friends, spending time in God’s Word and worshiping with our fellow believers at 121 Community Church. While we are home, we also need to fundraise for the next 2 years of serving in Cambodia. Ashley does get a small paycheck from Asian Hope to help cover housing and electricity. But many other bills need to be covered as well (health insurance, US taxes, couple other house utilities, just to name a few).

As we ready our Cambodian house to be away for 2 months, we also ready our hearts for this upcoming time away. Please pray for us. Please pray for traveling mercies, protection, and renewal while in Texas.

Hope to see some of you soon!


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