March Update

Hot season has officially arrived.  The past few days reminded me how nice it is to sit in the shade with a breeze or take a rest in the hammock after working.  Temperatures here are pushing 100 daily with a heat index around 108.  Good times.

For those that are not aware, we will be heading back to Texas at the end of May for a two month furlough.  We will be staying mostly in the Dallas/Fort Worth area until near the end of July, then heading back to Cambodia for another two years.  Our hope over the summer months would be to see family and friends, refresh, recharge, and fund raise.   We would love to visit some life groups from 121 over the summer, so if anyone is interested in that, please let us know.

Kam-Air has been doing well recently.  Our customer base is growing and our revenues are growing along with it.  One of our main goals as a business as missions business is to be self sustaining.  We are getting closer and closer to this number each month.  Khmer New Year is the second week of April and we are hoping to have a big week as most shops and businesses are closed that week and everyone is off work. Also, pray for Alf and I as we have several decisions and potential partnerships that have presented themselves to us recently.

Alright folks, talk to you again soon.




3 thoughts on “March Update

  1. Praise the Lord. What a wonderful job. It is soo nice to hear from you and your family. Keep me informed. Thax and God bless you. Keep reading Jeremiah 29 : 11. . Mary td

    • Sorry Aunt Vickie, I just saw your comment. 121 Community Chruch in Grapevine, Texas is where we attended when we lived in Texas. They do not have Sunday School on Sunday mornings but have Life Groups instead. We would instead attend a Lifegroup throughout the week to have a Biblestudy and fellowship time with fellow members of 121.

      We hope to meet with some of the Lifegroups we know and share with them about what we are doing here in Cambodia. This way they know how to pray for us and if they would like to financially support us each month or give a one time donation, we could give them some more information! Thanks for asking 🙂

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