October Update

The past month has rushed by.  We were able to visit Sihanoukville during mid-September and take our first vacation.  We stayed just off the beach in a bungalow.  It was great building sand castles, sampling the local cuisine, snorkeling and enjoying family time.  Rainy season is still in full affect.  We get rain just about every day in some form or fashion.  Sometimes we just get a little drizzle in the afternoon, other days, we get a torrential downpour.  They say rainy season will end sometime near the end of October or early November.

We have received “official” recognition from 121 about our LifeGroup that meets on Saturday nights at our house.  It has been a blessing to have that fellowship time each week.

Just yesterday, a fourth member from 121 joined us here in Cambodia.  We are now happy to have four individual family units from 121 in Cambodia.  That is just awesome!

Kam-Air is progressing along nicely.  If you don’t already Like us on Facebook, head over there now and you can see our updates on a regular basis.  Since my last blog post, we have installed a 20ft shipping container that is finished on the inside with a bathroom and also doors and windows.  We have plumbed a septic tank on site and are working this week to install a fence at the front of the property and install a 2000L water tank for our running water.  We have also signed a contract with a solar company to install a 2KW solar system within the next 2-3 weeks.  All of that to say, we are moving forward and making great progress.  If you are interested in being more involved with Kam-Air, please contact me.

In early November, the team from 121 will be arriving on their annual trip.  We have always been on the sending side of this trip, never the receiving, so we are excited to see everyone and welcome them to our new home.

Thank you again for your prayers and support along this journey.  If you have any questions or want to know more details, we would be happy to setup a Skype time.



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