Random Happenings

Random stream of consciousness post here…

  • They started paving the main road we live on this past week.  That’s a huge improvement over the massive potholes and mud that we encounter on a daily basis to get around town.  Just like the Grapevine Funnel or the 35/820 interchange this has caused a major traffic jam on a daily basis.  We have begun avoiding that area if all possible.
  • We have systematically been trying out all the Mexican food places in Phnom Penh.  Each has it advantages and disadvantages.  Sunrise Tacos has a great “salsa” bar.  Alma Cafe has wonderful breakfast and brunch options.  Viva has a great chimichanga. Taqueria Corona has good enchiladas.  Each of these places has homemade chips and salsa as well.
  • We found a store called Central Superstore.  The reason they made this post is because they have Dr. Pepper.  The cost of a can normally runs about $0.90.  Here, they had a 36 pack for $14.  We bought 2. Woot!
  • Sometimes Ashley and I look at each other and say, “Are we actually in Cambodia?”
  • We are taking our first family getaway in mid September.  The holiday is called Pchum Ben. Locals use this chance to honor their deceased relatives. Expats use it as an opportunity to go to the beach!
  • Kam-Air has received several generous donations and God’s timing as usual was perfect.  We have placed a deposit on a 20ft shipping container that we will use for our office and restroom while at the lake on a daily basis.  We also have the money to purchase the running cable and anchor cable.
  • This week Alf and I dug a huge hole with Tha (one of our employees).  Alf summed it up well when he said 1 Tha = 1 Alf + 1 John.  He is a hard worker and did more in a morning than we were able to accomplish together in the afternoon.
  • Luke has had three really good weeks at school in a row.  He has been getting outstanding on his color chart.
  • We are working towards getting official recognition at 121 for the Lifegroup that meets at our house on Saturday nights.  The Evans crew, Sain Train, McCullough troop and us get together, eat, fellowship and pray.  Rodney Howell, Vince Rice, Neil Essen, let’s make this happen.
  • We would love to setup a Skype call with anyone from back home.  Shoot us a message on here or via any other method you have for us and let’s make it happen.



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