School and such

Well, school is underway. Luke is liking Kindergarten and changing everyday, both physically and his personality. He has moved away from saying everything is BORING (thanks to Mrs. Song, his teacher) to telling us more about his day. He likes going to Music with Mr. Ketchum and playing the different instruments. Luke also enjoys swimming three times a week during this intensive swim time at Logos. He has made several friends at school and in our neighborhood (he asks to play after school with the Moon kids everyday).

Fourth grade is going great. People have told me the kids have matured over the summer and really meshing well together. They are settling down into a routine and the students are obeying the rules. They are really a great bunch of kids. Erica (my Teacher’s Assistant) has been very helpful. The copier and her have become best friends 🙂  The teachers and morning devotions at Logos are very positive and up-lifting.

The wakeboard park is coming along. Alf and John had to wait for the water to go down, it flooded a little bit so it was hard to do work for a while. They’ve been having weekly Monday morning meetings with the wakeboard staff that include devotionals, prayer time and goals for the week. If anyone is interested in supporting the wakeboard park, please contact John to get more info. They have some specific needs that need to be provided for very soon!

Everything is going well with our family and things at the house. We bought a couple of Khmer paintings for the walls so we don’t have to stare at the concrete walls all day, they are really nice!

Let us hear from you, we love you guys!



3 thoughts on “School and such

  1. ashley john and Luke,

    I pray that Ashley you will have a great teaching year. To you john that you will have a successful business. And Luke that you will have a wonderful school year and make new friends.

    love to all Aunt Vickie

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