Back in the Penh

Well, that was a smooth trip!  We arrived in Phnom Penh late on Friday night, July 10th, after 28 hours of travel.  We had a few hiccups along the way but the best part of the trip was the long flight from Los Angeles to Incheon.  The plane was nearly empty and we each had a row to ourselves for sleeping.  Cambodia accepted all of our documents (thanks to Fran at Open Arms Clinic for helping with the tests) and we were taken to a hotel near the river for 2 nights.  Everyone on the plane tested negative and we were released early Sunday morning (thanks to Philip from Logos for his truck to get us home with our 15 bags) to finish our 14 day quarantine at home.  The expats around us have been more than willing to grab items from the store and help us transition back to life in Cambodia.  We go for our 3rd and hopefully final Covid test on July 23rd.

It took us a couple of days to unpack everything.  The truck started right up after I reconnected the battery, but my moto needed a mechanic to get it going.  Luckily, he had it back to me within 24 hours and so we can be mobile upon exiting quarantine.  Logos is awaiting results from the Ministry of Education for if they are able to open for school in early August with some significant adjustments to the classrooms.

Yesterday, we had a visit from the governor of Phnom Penh Thmei and vice governor of Sen Sok with a few other people to check our temperatures. They also asked if we have any questions about our quarantine. This is the first visit we have heard of, so we were quite surprised when they called and showed up at our house. They were very friendly and the vice governor of Sen Sok spoke great English.

Be in prayer for us to finish quarantine and get a negative test result next week.  We have seen positive reports of a quick return of the deposit paid upon arrival,  but still be in prayer for this process.  Pray for Logos to get approval from the Ministry of Education to open to students in early August.



2 thoughts on “Back in the Penh

  1. Glad you made it safe & sound! So sorry I never got to see you, but I got frequent reports!! Praying for continued negative tests & a return to somewhat normal. Fondly, Cora

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