Staying Positive

Flexibility, going with the flow, we will figure it out, saying “this too shall pass” and staying positive.  Those are words and phrases that Ashley and I seem to use on a regular basis.  As the world adjusts to Covid19, our family has gone through the same level of adjustment as all of you.  One good thing about living overseas, is that we seem to be prepared for this level of change.

For example, I usually do the grocery shopping for the family.  With Ashley working at school, it’s just easier for me to get out and get it done with my work schedule being much more flexible.  It’s not uncommon to visit 3-4 stores looking for a specific food item.  We don’t have the luxury of driving over to the local Wal-Mart to pick up everything we need including getting a oil change on the car and an entirely new wardrobe.  I generally take my moto, which is a small 223cc Honda FTR.  I can only carry so much on it before I have to call it and drive home.  Plus, during rainy season, I would have to accomplish this in a rain poncho.

Another example is the current entry requirements going back to Cambodia.  We are required to have all of the following upon entry:

  1. A negative Covid test result with 72 hours prior to arrival (this includes the 24+ hours of travel time)
  2. An original signed and stamped letter from a doctor saying we are Covid free and ok to travel
  3. An original letter from our insurance company with a minimum of $50,000 coverage
  4. A Covid test upon arrival
  5. A Covid test 13 days after arrival
  6. A $3,000 deposit in cash upon arrival – This deposit will go towards paying all of the “fees” upon entry into Cambodia.  For example: $30 per person per day for food while in mandatory quarantine until the 1st Covid test in Cambodia is returned (usually a day or 2).  Hotel room of approximately $60 per day.  $5 per person for transportation.  $100 per person per test for the 1st and 2nd set of Covid tests.

The best case scenario is every single person on the plane tests negative upon arrival and our total out of pocket expense is about $800 to enter the country.  The worst case scenario is one person tests positive on the plane and all remaining passengers are required to stay in mandatory government quarantine.  We estimate this will cost us around $3,500.

One may ask, why go back now, why not wait until the requirements are lifted or lessened for foreigners upon entry?  For us, we need to get back into the country before school starts on August 3rd.  Ashley has to be back at school 1 week before that date which means we need to finish the 14 day quarantine 3 weeks before August 3rd.

So as of right now, we will continue to have flexibility, go with the flow, figure it out, thinking “this too shall pass” and staying positive!  Please be praying for us near the end of the second week of July.  If you want to partner with us in prayer, make sure to join this blog for further updates.  If you want to partner with us in giving, via a tax deductible donation, click on the Donate button at the top.



2 thoughts on “Staying Positive

  1. John, Ashley and Luke, we continue to pray for you guys daily! We pray God‘s wisdom and direction will guide you in every step of your journey heading home. Love you guys!

  2. John and Ashley. I will put you in my prayer list May the lord God protect you as you do His work. Mary

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