Off to Thailand…

Well just to give you guys an update about our little family. John and I will be traveling to the hospital in Bangkok, Thailand this weekend. I have had some pelvic pain (standing up, getting out of bed, walking up stairs, etc) for a few months now and need to get some answers about what is causing it. A month or so ago, John and I went to the Royal Phnom Penh Hospital to get some test done and see if the doctors there could tell what would be causing the pain. I had a sonogram and an ultrasound done and neither scan showed any problems. I guess that’s good news but also bad news… so John and I decided to go ahead and fly to Thailand. There is a very nice hospital there where many of our friends on this side of the world go to have check-ups, surgery and other minor medical procedures done.

Luke will be staying with my wonderful teaching assistant. I know he will be taken care of and they will have lots of fun!

I will keep you guys updated when we know something more. Please pray and ask the Lord to give the doctors knowledge and wisdom. Pray for traveling mercies (about an hour plane flight) and everything would go smoothly with traveling in a different country. I am not nervous about the trip, but would desperately love to get some answers about what is causing the pain. Thank you in advance for your prayers and thoughts!



4 thoughts on “Off to Thailand…

  1. Yes, Ashley in the name of Jesus be healed. I pray that God will give wisdom to the hospital there in why you are having this pain. And for a safe flight there and back. And Lord keep your hand upon Luke while his parents are away. In Jesus Name.

  2. You are on our minds and hearts, and especially in our prayers. Our God never changes, and He still is in the healing business. We pray for His guidance in every aspect of this situation, and we love you!

  3. Praying that you will have answers soon, and relief from your pain. Sending love from across the miles.

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