The Reason We’re Here

Every Wednesday at Logos International School, we have chapel for the elementary school kids. One week the chapel will be for kids PreK-2nd and then the next week it will be for 3rd-6th and it alternates back and forth. Each chapel is led by one of the grade levels and this year the upper elementary kids are learning about: Our Identity in Christ, who am I? A couple of weeks ago, it was fourth grade’s turn to lead chapel. Our topic for that week was, “In Christ, I am… complete.” My students had brainstormed a list of things that weren’t complete if things were missing from it. Things like:  a remote without buttons, a puzzle without all the pieces, a motherboard without the other computer parts, a cell phone without a battery, etc. So during chapel the students were on stage sharing about the things they brought and how they weren’t complete without the missing pieces. Then I gave a short message and shared my testimony.

I talked about how I gave my life to Christ when I was in middle school at North Richland Hills Baptist Church. I was listening to the youth pastor talk about we all fill our lives with things that are not Godly. I knew exactly what he was talking about. I had a hole in my heart. I tried to fill it with many different things…. hanging out with friends, having a “boyfriend”, watching movies, going to the mall, etc. I was happy for a time, my hole was filled up for a short time, but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t until I replaced those things with Jesus Christ was I ever made complete.  After I shared this with the students, I showed a clip on YouTube called Whiteboard Salvation, sang “Oh Happy Day!” and then chapel was over.

Two days past. Then on Friday morning, while I was sitting at my desk, the students were coming in and one of my students walks up to my desk. He says, “Mrs. Phifer, I just wanted to thank you for sharing how you asked Jesus into your heart because I was feeling the same way. I felt like my heart was empty as well. I tried to fill it with candy and hanging out with friends and it wasn’t working out for me either. So last night, I talked with my mom and asked Jesus to come into my heart.”

Oh my goodness! My heart was overwhelmed with different emotions. I had chill bumps (which doesn’t happen in Cambodia because it’s so hot here) because I was so happy for the commitment he made but on the other hand, God was reassuring me why I was here. Yes, I am here to teach these students the standards for 4th grade but it’s SO much more. I am here to plant the seeds in these 4th graders and to water the seeds if they have already been planted. I think in my head, I knew why I was here but God’s reassurance came at just the right time. Thank you God for your reassurance, your grace and peace 🙂



3 thoughts on “The Reason We’re Here

  1. I imagined myself in the room with you, listening and seeing the WB Salvation, and hearing your testimony. I’d never heard your testimony before. How old were you? Thanks for this.

    Love you, Gram


    • I don’t remember for sure, but I know I was in middle school because I remember Brad Graves (Cheryl’s son) was the interim youth pastor during that time. I must have been 12 or 13 years old.

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