Settled In

Well… it’s been a week since we signed a contract to rent our new house. We signed a 2 year contract and negotiated a lower price than what the landlord was asking for!

The house is fully furnished, has free wi-fi and cable. Each bedroom is equipped with a queen or king bed and gorgeous wooden frames, a wardrobe and some type of desk or vanity piece. Each room also has its own bathroom. The two rooms on the second floor have a bathtub with a shower head. The third floor bathrooms have a glassed-in shower only. The first floor has a living room, kitchen and a 1/2 bath. We bought a few pieces for the first floor to help us make it feel more like home. The Lord has provided the perfect home for us with just what we needed!

John went and looked at the Honda dealership for a new moto. He will look at the used dealerships later this week to see what will be the best thing for our family. It will be helpful to have something to zip up to the store and back with. We haven’t decided to buy a car yet, we are still amazed at the traffic and the style of driving over here in Cambodia. Right now we are still taking tuk tuk’s everywhere. It’s not bad, but it will be nice not to have to call someone to pick us up when we need to go somewhere.

Luke is doing better than last week. We were seeing a lot of hitting and harsh words. This week, he is using his words to tell us how he feels instead of hitting. He enjoys playing with the Sain kids and is excited the Workman’s from Arlington, Texas arrived a couple of days ago. He is looking forward to visiting a couple of play areas and getting to do some fun things this coming up week.

I am doing good. I had a massive headache last night but I think I was just exhausted… everything is going well! Let us hear from you!



6 thoughts on “Settled In

  1. How great to get to follow you and your new adventure…love reading the details about your life there. I think of you real often and continue to pray for you and your precious family! Asking God to provide for your EVERY need in Christ Jesus!
    Love & hugs,

  2. Hey Ashley, John and Luke,
    I am glad things are going better for you all. I am glad Luke is doing better. Some adjustments for all, especially for little ones.
    Aunt Vickie

  3. Yes, anything to avoid having to rely exclusively on tuk-tuks. That’s taking your lives into your own hands each time you get in one!

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