Getting Settled

Well folks, we made it. The flight from Texas to South Korea went well. The plane was about 3/4 full and we had several places to lay down and stretch out. It was the same for the flight from South Korea to Cambodia. We had an entire row to ourselves and took full advantage of it.

Jet lag is still around, but the affects are starting to wear off.

We are staying at a friends house until we get our own place, but that is quickly approaching. We looked at a house today that is fully furnished with air conditioning units and furniture in every room.  We plan on signing a contract for that property on Saturday afternoon.  

Today we visited Logos which is the school Ashley will be teaching at.  We walked around her classroom and met several of the staff.  They have a wonderful campus and I am sure that Luke and Ashley will love it there.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers as we adjust to this new environment and culture.


One thought on “Getting Settled

  1. that is great that use all three made it there safely. Now the adventure begins. Glad you found a house that you like. And pray that Luke will find some good friends along with you and Ashley both. And hope you will adjust to your surroundings to you all love aunt Vickie

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