Prep Week

From John – The last several months have been a whirlwind of activity.  We have been spending time with family and friends, fundraising, and speaking in Life Groups at 121.  The house is finally sold (it only took seven buyers to find the right one).  Alf and I have been getting together on a regular basis to talk about Kam-Air WakePark.  We most recently had a meeting with a member of 121 that also happens to be a part of the wake board community in the DFW area.  He offered us sound business advice and words of wisdom.

As I write this, we are a mere 8 days away from leaving.  Tonight we had a party with our sending team as a last big get-together.  We will start the packing process (yes, it’s a process) on Monday.

It’s finally here.  The time has come.  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers over the next week as we make final preparations.


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