Please pray for Cambodia

I don’t know if you have heard “through the grapevine”, but Cambodia had another community outbreak at the end of February so some things are shut down again. All schools in the country are back to studying online, entertainment venues are shut down, masks are required everywhere and some cities are shut down from people traveling in and out.  John and Luke are back to working/learning from home. Ashley is able to teach all students on Zoom from the classroom. 

Things are different right now, but honestly we can’t complain. Traffic is significantly reduced because people are staying home, malls/restaurants are empty, food delivery is still working like normal and no shortages in supplies. We haven’t experienced any of that stuff here like last year in the States. Our area of town hasn’t no reported cases. We are thankful for that! 

Please continue to pray for our family as John and Luke are home working and learning. Pray for Ashley as she teaches all classes online. Pray for Cambodia as many people are fearful and many people are without income for their family because places and businesses are shut down.

We are trusting in God’s faithfulness and leaning on His understanding for the future.


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