A Great Example of the Body of Christ

John has been in the States for 2 weeks now visiting with our church team, talking with various groups, spending time with both sets of our parents, and seeing many friends. While Luke and I have been “holding down the fort” in Cambodia, we have had lots of macaroni and cheese for dinner (Luke’s request) and managing ok since John’s been gone. But this week I caught some type of stomach bug along with all the symptoms… fever, vomiting and diarrhea, on and off for 3 days.

Today, I am feeling much better. I wouldn’t say ALL my energy is back but better. Looking back on the last 4 days, I am very grateful for our community here in Cambodia. From friends who took Luke to school in the mornings and others who brought him back home in the afternoons, to people who went to the store for us and others who offered, to my wonderful colleague, and friend, who covered my class on Thursday and Friday (my 2 busiest days of the week)… and not to mention all the people who texted to check on Luke and me.

Last week in class, I was teaching the students about what it means to be the body of Christ and to serve others. I saw the body of Christ clearly working together this week. Having the extra help this week reminded me to reach out to people, just a simple message or an act of kindness means the world 😉

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Many of you were also praying in the States. Thank you for praying for a fast recovery! Our Father knows just what we need!



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