One Year (but who’s counting)

Today marks our one year anniversary since leaving the states and moving to Cambodia to pursue God’s calling on our lives.  Our original plan was to stay here for two years with the option for more.  We left it somewhat open ended surrounding this topic.  As some of you may already know, we have signed on for an additional year, bringing our current commitment to a total of at least three years.  Ashley and I still have the same mentality when it comes to additional years beyond three.  We are open to staying longer and will seek God’s guidance as we get closer to that time frame.

Kam-Air is doing great.  We had a team from Canada arrive about a month ago and they brought along an electrician.  This electrician was sent at just the right time as he was able to repair our long standing electrical issue with the system. This electrical issue plagued us for several months and caused us much frustration.  Since then, the system has been performing well.  Also, Kam-Air was listed as a summer school class at Logos and we had 12 kids sign up.  Those kids have been at the park this week and next and will learn the ins and outs of wakeboarding from Coach Alf.

In the past year we had many ups and downs.  We struggled with adjusting to the climate, traffic and culture.  Each one of those things is a complete 180 from where we previously lived.  On the upside, we have enjoyed making new friends and establishing a lifegroup in our house, becoming a part of a new church body, learning a new language (although this one is a tough one), and taking several trips in country and also visiting Thailand.

I personally have also learned how to wakeboard.  It took me a little big longer than some, but I can now successfully make turn arounds on our system, ride switch, make a switch turn around and I am working on my ollie’s next.  For those non-wakeboarders that read this, switch is riding with the opposite foot forward than you are used too and an ollie is a jump in the air.

All in all, it was a wonderful year one.

– John –


3 thoughts on “One Year (but who’s counting)

  1. So amazed that it has been a year already! You have certainly made a lot of adjustments in that time. It is so interesting to follow your posts! Stay safe & enjoy every minute!

    • God bless you all as you continue your work!
      I will most likely be attending a wedding in South Korea next August. Now that I know you will still be there, would you be up for a short visit?

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