Six Months In

We have officially been in Cambodia for six months now.  I missed the December post so I will make a second post this month to make up for that.

We still managed to have a family Christmas here in Phnom Penh.  We did a Skype/Facetime chat with both sets of parents on Christmas morning our time and it was fun “being” with them during that morning.  Christmas was an interesting time in Cambodia.  Around town you see random Christmas trees and lights and in all the big stores you hear Christmas music.  It’s almost surreal and according to people that have been here longer than us, it’s becoming more common to see Christmas stuff around town during December.  We still managed to visit a mall on the days right before Christmas and there was no major parking shortage or last minute shoppers running around.  I don’t know how to describe it beyond it was just a different experience compared to back in the States.

Ashley and I both started back to work this week after taking two weeks off.  We took a short trip to Kampot over the break with Luke.  Our Facebook pages have pictures from the trip.

The wakepark continues to progress nicely.  We had a Cosmic Christmas event on Christmas Eve Eve and about 90 people showed up.  It was the first time we have had such a large number of people arrive.  We have also had several teams from Texas visit the park recently.  Most recently, the missions team from a church in Arlington, TX arrived as they were on a vision trip to Cambodia.  It will be interesting to see what God has in store for these teams and any possible partnerships with Kam-Air.

That’s all for now.  Drop us a line or we are always available to Skype or Facetime.



2 thoughts on “Six Months In

  1. We spent many Christmases in different countries, & I know what you mean. The American community always pulls together to make the best of it!! Our church recently had a group who went to Cambodia, wonder if they were from Fielder? Glad the wave park is taking shape! Enjoy reading your posts & hearing what you’re up to. May God continue to bless you all! Fondly, Cora

  2. We are so glad that all is going well in Cambodia. I love to see your pictures on Facebook. What an exciting life you are leading right now! We wish you God’s blessings in the coming year and pray for your health and success in all that you do.

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